Our Services

We serve individuals and businesses in all areas of financial planning and investment management, including:


Retirement Planning - We help you to make the most of your employer-sponsored retirement plans and IRAs. We offer full analysis of your current retirement plan, including a review of investment choices in the plan as well as an analysis of your current rate of savings to determine if you are saving enough to retire comfortably.

Investments - We believe that successful investing starts with a well-thought out, diversified asset allocation plan.  We determine your asset-allocation needs by helping you understand your risk tolerance and helping you to set realistic investment goals. In addition, we will recommend the appropriate investment vehicles to help you reach your financial goals.

Education Funding - We can recommend investment and accumulation strategies to help you pay for your children's education.  Recommendations will include pre-paid education plans, College 529 plans, and other savings strategies.


Risk Management - We work with insurance specialists to give you an extensive review of your existing life insurance policies.  Our goal is to make sure you have the correct amount of coverage for any unexpected situation. When suitable, we can help you find a new policy that is appropriate for your specific situation.  We will also review your insurance needs for long term care, disability, and any other special need situation to help ensure that we have you and your family protected from any unexpected problems.


Tax Management* - We review your portfolio to make sure your investments are tax-efficient. As part of this review, we will develop tax efficient investment strategies when they are appropriate. Upon request, we will refer you to qualified tax specialists if needed.  In addition, with your approval, we will work directly with your tax specialist to make sure they have the needed information to complete all tax forms and other reports.

Estate Planning* - We can work with estate-planning and trust specialists available through Wells Fargo Clearing Services and it's affiliates to help review your wills and trusts, preserve your estate for your intended heirs, set up or review beneficiary designations, reduce potential exposure to estate taxes and probate costs and coordinate with your tax and legal advisors.

Employee and Executive Benefits - We help your business attract and retain qualified employees through benefit packages such as retirement plans, insurance and disability coverage, and Key Man or Buy-Sell insurance arrangements.  In already established benefit programs, we can also peform cashless stock option exercises upon request.

* Dickerson Jackson & Associaties, LLC and Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC do not provide tax or legal advice. Please consult with your tax and legal advisors before taking any action that may have tax consequences.